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Supermicro IPMI Utilities

IPMIView for Android V1.4.0 (Available on Google Play) (Direct Link)
IPMIView for iOS V1.4.1 (Available on Apple Store)

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IPMIView version 2.13.1
IPMICFG version 1.27.1
SMCIPMITool version 2.19.0


IPMICFG is an in-band utility for configuring IPMI devices. It is a command line tool providing standard IPMI and Supermicro® proprietary OEM commands. This CLI-based utility can be executed on DOS, Windows, and Linux OS and does not require any installation procedures. This utility is used for BMC/FRU configuration.

IPMICFG Key Features:

      - Set up IPMI IP Address
      - Set up IPMI Configuration
      - Configure IPMI User Management
      - Configure IPMI FRU
      - Manage System Event Log (SEL)
      - Manage IPMI by node management (NM) protocol



The SMCIPMITool is an out-of-band Supermicro utility that allows a user to interface with SuperBlade® systems and IPMI devices via CLI (Command Line Interface). This utility provided two user modes, viz.: OS Command Line Mode and Shell Mode. This utility can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure to connect with Supermicro server’s baseboard management controllers.

SMCIPMITool Key Features:

    Remote System Management
      - SuperBlade Management
      - MicroBlade Management
      - System Power Control
      - HDD and NVMe Management
      - FRU Management
      - System Diagnostic (w/ Super Diagnostics Offline)
      - NM(Node Manager) Management
      - Group Management

    Remote IPMI Management
      - IPv6 Supported
      - Serial-over-LAN
      - Boot Override
      - Firmware Upgrade
      - Sensors and Event log
      - Power Supply and BBP Monitoring
      - MultiNode System Information
      - Virtual Media Management (Node Product Key is required)
      - Remote Screen Capture (Node Product Key is required)



IPMIView is a GUI-based software application that allows administrators to manage multiple target systems through BMC. IPMIView V2.0 supports Supermicro’s BMCs that adheres to either IPMI v1.5 or v2.0.

IPMIView monitors and reports on the status of a SuperBlade® system, including the blade server, power supply, gigabit switch, InfiniBand and CMM modules. IPMIView also supports remote KVM and Virtual Media.

IPMIView Key Features:

      - IPMI System Management
      - KVM Console Redirection
      - Text Console Redirection
      - Virtual Media Management
      - IPMI User/Group Management
      - Trap Receiver
      - Mobile App (Android, iOS)


IPMIView_Mobile IPMIView_Mobile

Additional information can be found at IPMI resources.

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